Executive Coaching
Developing leaders and their teams to maximize impact.
Succession Advisory
Helping assess and build the right talent bench for the future.
C-Suite Readiness
Preparing and helping leaders succeed as part of the top team.
Group / Team Development
Accelerating development at scale.
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    Executive Coaching

    Coaching and helping leaders develop with 1:1 support is at heart of BTA’s practice. Working through regular touchpoints, but always with availability outside scheduled interactions, BTA coaches are partners that seek to go beyond the academic and work with clients to develop practical solutions within their specific context.


    • Rooted in the unique context of the client, and what makes leaders successful in that business, function, industry, company, and role
    • Informed by feedback from key stakeholders (either formally through assessment or informally through stakeholder check-ins)
    • Practical and outcome-focused; seeks to answer the question of what leaders can actually do to be better?
    • Supported by the collective experience and strength of the BTA team

    Succession Advisory

    If people are your most valuable asset and the key to the future of the company, then building a robust process to understand and develop your most valuable people is a must. BTA builds programs to help you maintain a strong bench for all mission critical roles.


    • Begins with developing Success Factors for C-Suite Leadership and/or specific roles (CEO, COO, CFO, etc.)
    • Leverages 360 Assessments for individuals or groups to better understand talent in the current state, and the growth required to meet the needs of the future
    • Works with stakeholders to develop plans for development of skills and experience through role rotations, coaching, external programs, etc.

    C-Suite Readiness and Transitions

    Preparing and successfully transitioning new leaders into the C-Suite can be challenging given the unique nature and demands of leading as part of the top team. BTA goes deep to understand the context of the team, and works to ensure that clients not only have viable C-Suite leaders, but also consistent and practical support for a successful transition to the team.


    • Coaches who understand the unique demands of leading on the top team, and are experienced in coaching across C-level functional and business roles
    • Focused on accelerating transitions and maximizing impact
    • Holistic understanding of the succession process and solid track record advising Fortune-500 boards and C-Suites on successful internal successions

    Group / Team Development

    Within every company, organization or team, alignment and growth across key leadership priorities, skills and values matters. And accelerating that alignment and growth within key teams or cohorts of leaders is often the key to sustained success. BTA helps clients achieve this through design and delivery of bespoke group coaching and development programs ranging from a single focused offsite to year-long multimodal projects for high potentials.


    • Single and multi-day workshops for teams and high-potential leadership cohorts
    • Alignment across key leadership skills and acceleration of development for key leadership cohorts
    • Enhances team formation, alignment, and effectiveness from the top team down